Janice Luong

Greater Los Angeles Area, CA · janice@janice-luong.com

I am experienced in data scraping and creating automation processes from start to finish of data extrations to visualization of data. Adaptability and concise approaches to deep dive into data to provide strategies to target sales and company growth.


Sales Analyst

Vorwerk LLC - Thermomix USA

• Created an automation process from scratch using Python to extract data from Google Analytics and created data visualizations in Tableau that is updated on a weekly bases.
• Created a portal in Jira that allowed internal employees to be able to request data extractions, report creation or submit tickets of reports that required repairment. This streamlined the analytics reporting processing by having all questions and comments on a given request in a single location.
• Assisted with creating requirments for consultants in order to attend yearly conference based on previouse years attendance and staying within budget.

December 2019 - Present

Data Scientist, Career (Contractor)

Pacific Gas & Eletric Company

• Provided internal consulting and supported cross-functional teams on the application of quantitative modeling and statistical methods.
• Used R, Tableau and Power BI to generate visualization to track metrics and patterns.
• Created multiple regression models to predict and assess when gas pipes needed replacement and repairs.

Marh 2018 - June 2018

Enterprise Project Management Intern

Pacific Gas & Eletric Company

• Led statistical analysis and regression modeling for PG&E’s enterprise study of major capital project cost overruns; study findings were used to improve cost estimating and executive oversight procedures.
• Data-mined and analyzed substation outage data using R to determine the optimal substation bus configuration.
• Generated probability failure curve for transformer failure to identify which assets to replace.
• Used machine learning to build decision tree model to predict which assets were going to experience failure.

June 2017 - September 2017

Project and Resource Planning Intern

Pacific Gas & Eletric Company

• Used Microsoft Excel to organize and clean up data pulled out from SAP for over 300 projects.
• Analyzed data pulled from SAP using Microsoft Excel and created informative plots and charts showing effectiveness of cost projections for Project and Resource Planning Group.
• Proved that even though Project and Resource Planning Group was only given 0% – 2% of what the project entails, Project and Resource Planning Group was still able to give a cost estimate that fell within AACE cost estimation classification of class 5, an error range of -50% to +100%.
• Assisted Asset Management’s analyst in San Francisco, CA with inputting projects’ monthly forecast costs, updating monthly forecast costs to actual costs and ordering supplies and additional funding requests for ongoing projects in SRM.

June 2016 - August 2016


Caifornia State Unviersity, East Bay

Master of Science
Statistics - Applied Statistics Track

GPA: 3.79

May 2019

University of California, Davis

Bachelor of Science
Statistics - Applied Statistics Track
June 2017

City College of San Francisco

General Education (IGETC)
General Studies
June 2015


Programming Languages & Tools
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Soft Skills
  • Adept Communicator
  • Collaboration
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Self-motivation
  • Time-management


Apart from being a sales analyst, I enjoy most of my time being indoors to catch up on my favorite tv shows, trying out new baking recipes and playing video games.

You can usually spot me outside catching up with friends over a meal or dessert, at the gym or at the mall.


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